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Semantic Keywords

Use these words throughout the body of your text. The more the merrier, no limits here.

They provide topical relevance for the main keyword - ie if you were to take out the main keyword, just from these words you would still be able to defer it from the text.

Average loading time approx 25 seconds

Single Keywords





Here are some entities. We recommend to use them in the body of your text and in headings and in your schema.

There are 2 sections here - Frequency and Relevance.

Frequecy measures the number of times the entity appears. So expect to have these terms on your page too - frequently. This may include unrelated terms that you might find in menus etc.

Relevance looks at the confidence score. It does not take frequency into account. These words are most likely more specific to your search term.

Average loading time approx 1 minute


Frequency Words


Rel Words


This you will need to edit on your own. Below I have placed the Frequency Entities into the "about" and the Relevence Entities into "mentions".

You will need to go through these and remove what your best judgement tells you. Probably want to reduce the list a lot. You also need to add in your own headline and url.

Average loading time approx 1 minute

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